Additional Quilting services

In addition to quilting your quilt top, I offer the following optional services.


Trimming is offered for a flat fee of $15.  I will cut off the excess backing and batting along the edge of your quilt top.  I will send both to you with your quilt unless you don’t want them returned, just let me know in the “Details” box on the “Work with Me” form.

Binding Services

Binding is charged per linear inch.

  • Make Binding $0.05 (Example 50 x 65 lap quilt – $11.50) – You supply the fabric and I will cut, sew and press your binding so that it is ready to attach to your quilt.
  • Attach Binding to Top $0.15 (Example 50 x 65 lap quilt – $34.50) – I will attach your binding to your quilt top by machine.  This doesn’t include trimming and the binding will need to be finished.
  • Attach Binding and Machine Finish $0.30 (Example 50 x 65 lap quilt – $69) – I will trim your quilt top and attach the binding and finish it by machine.  Your quilt will be given back to you completed.


$15 per seam

T-Shirt Quilts

$25 per shirt

Price includes design consultation, stabilizing & cutting shirts, piecing, backing, batting, quilting and binding.  A $100 deposit is required to begin.  Please use the “contact form” to begin a consultation.