Long Arm Quilting services

I’m very excited to announce that I’m going to begin quilting for other people!  What does this mean?  Well, with my Handi Quilter Forte I can accommodate quilts up to 130 inches wide.  I’ll be offering digital quilting designs.  There are lots of great ones available!  

I will quilt a pattern over the whole quilt.  This is also called edge to edge quilting, all over designs or pantographs.  No matter what you call it, the design chosen adds wonderful texture to your quilt top while securing it to the batting and backing layers.  You can check out the my design library here.

Overwhelmed by the choices?  I’m happy to help you pick something fabulous for your quilt.  When you hire me to be your quilter you have the option of making all, some or none of the design and thread decisions.

I am adding new pantographs to my library all the time.  If you find one that you like that I don’t own, I’m happy to split the price with you to buy it for your project.  Here are some great websites to search for just the right design.