Get your top quilted

Please acknowledge the current rate is 2.5 cents per square inch, minimum of $45.
For general questions, please exit the form and send me an email here: Please note: Quilts enter my queue in the order that I receive them.
Dimensions: Please include the width and height of your quilt top in whole inches.
Leave blank if there is no deadline. Current turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks.
My design preference is to match the thread to the fabrics in your quilt that are lightest in value, using neutrals a lot.
Most of the batting I stock is on a 93" roll. I will use only what is needed for your quilt (smallest side + a 5" margin) and charge per inch. For example, if you have a 60" x 80" quilt, I would cut 65" inches of the batting of your choice. • 65" of 100% cotton @ $0.43/in = $27.95 • 65" of 80/20 cotton/poly blend @ $0.40/in = $26.00 • 65" of bamboo @ $0.47/in = $30.55 • 65" of wool @ $0.55/in = $35.75
Trimming is offered for a flat fee of $15. I will cut off the excess backing and batting along the edge of your quilt top. I will send both to you with your quilt unless you don't want them returned, just let me know in the "Details" box.
Binding is charged per linear inch.
Please add your mobile number if you're permitting me to text you (i.e. questions, photos, updates). If not, leave blank and we'll communicate through email. Standard messaging rates apply.
I'd love to promote your beautiful work! Fill this out only if you are permitting me to share pictures of your quilt on social media. Please include the pattern name, pattern designer, and/or any special fabrics that your quilt features. If you need to keep this project secret, please indicate that as well!
Would you like me to add your email address to my email newsletter list? Don't worry I will not "share" your email address and I only send email a few times a month.
In order to give you the best results possible, please ensure that your backing fabric is a minimum of 8" wider and 8" longer than your quilt top. This gives me at least 4" of margin on each side of the quilt top. Your backing can be larger but not smaller. *
I charge actual shipping rates to return quilts (if not arranging pick up locally). USPS Priority and UPS shipping rates include $100 of insurance and a tracking number. Please indicate if you would like me to purchase additional insurance on your behalf (added to the invoice when work is complete). As a guideline, select the estimated amount of invoice plus your materials cost in the quilt.
Please include any information that you'd like to share with me about your top such as pattern used, the function of the quilt, and/or recipient. This can be as open-ended as you like. Feel free to ask any questions you have. I'll use this information to best help you when I reply by email.